The Baldur's Gate II Fixpack

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Version 13
Languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Spanish
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
GitHub: Gibberlings3/BG2-Fixpack


The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. With the disappearance of Kevin Dorner and the cessation of activity of the Baldurdash fixpack for BG2, several modders began working on a new WeiDU fixpack to address the numerous bugs that have been identified since Baldurdash. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities and assistance from BG2 lead writer David Gaider, has resulted in a fixpack that currently includes all of the fixes addressed by Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) and several hundred new bugfixes. The project is ongoing, and we're working through a substantial list of bugs culled from various sites, the old Baldurdash forums, and our own research.

The Enhanced Editions of the game has been a huge boon to the project, as a lot of new players means a lot of new bug reports. Working with Beamdog has given us access to new bug reports--as well as testing of existing ones, as the EEs are built upon the Fixpack--and allowed for v12 to be the largest expansion of the Fixpack since its first release.

Though the project has long since left beta status, there remains a need to introduce and test new fixes. To facilitate these new fixes without compromising the stability of the project, a component entitled BETA Core Fixes is available. This component includes fixes intended for the Core Fixes component and tested in a limited fashion, but have not yet been tested 'in the wild' or with other mods. As such, this component is considered to be of a BETA status. As fixes in this component get tested and validated in the wild, they will move into the Core Fixes.

The BG2 Fixpack strives for complete transparency in its fixes. As such, complete documentation is available of the fixes on the project pages, visual fixes are noted in the BG2 Fixpack Gallery, and all discussions leading up to fixes are in the Fixpack forums. There are no private workrooms.


The Fixpack is designed to work with Baldur's Gate II with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. In terms of installation order, the Fixpack should be installed after the official patches, but before other mods. Do not install the Fixpack alongside other fixpacks such as Baldurdash. There is a compatibility and redundancy thread in the Fixpack forums for the most recent information; these are the known incompatibilities and redundancies as of v11:

  • Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition - The Fixpack developers work with the Enhanced Editions to include the bugfixes deirectly into the Enhanced Editions. As such, the main components (Core Fixes, Game Text Update, BETA Core Fixes) are unavailable for install and will be skipped automatically. Some of the Optional But Cool components are available.
  • Baldurdash or any other previous fixpack - We used the bug lists from previous efforts to fix bugs as a starting point. If the bugs aren't already fixed by the Fixpack they will be in future versions. Installing Baldurdash alongside Fixpack will result in a lot of issues.
  • Tutu - The BG2 Fixpack is not built for installation on Tutu games. Macready's Easytutu has incorporated several relevant fixes from Fixpack; for traditional Tutu games there will likely be installation errors that prevent installation of the Fixpack.
  • Baldur's Gate Trilogy - There is now a small compatibility that needs to be addressed before BGT can be installed; you'll need to make a pair of text edits outlined here before installing BGT.
  • D0Tweak - The 'Corrected Demon Animations' component is included in the core fixes. 'Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior' and 'Ghrey's Holy Symbol Fix' are included as Optional But Cool components.
  • Ease of Use - Ease of Use is deprecated by the more modern (and actively supported) Tweaks Anthology. If you insist, however, note that the Edwina Portrait component from Ease of Use will overwrite our Edwin/Edwina 'gliding animation' fixes. This is not the case with the same component from Tweaks Anthology.
  • LuvNalia - Sir Billy Bob's repackaged Nalia romance will report errors when trying to patch ar2904.bcs. These are non-fatal errors.
  • Oversight - The 'Alignment Corrections' component was used as a basis for the alignment changes in BG2 Fixpack, making them semi-redundant. 'Improved Continuity' is included except for the Saemon Havarian bits; it should be safe to install if you want to get the extra Saemon material.
  • Quest Pack - The Revised Hell Trials component will generate warnings if the OBC Additional Script Fixes component from Fixpack is installed. A workaround is available.
  • The Bigg Tweak Pack- The Unlimited Limited Wish and Wish component is included in the core fixes.

Bug Reporting

If you should encounter any bugs, please report them to the authors at the BG2 Fixpack forum. In addition, BG2 Fixpack is available on GitHub, so fixes and changes can be submitted by the community.


The BG2 Fixpack for Windows is distributed as a self-extracting archive and includes a WeiDU installer. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively, the files can be extracted into your game directory using 7zip or WinRAR. When properly extracted, your game directory will contain setup-bg2fixpack.exe and the folder bg2fixpack. To install, double-click setup-bg2fixpack.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

You can run setup-bg2fixpack.exe in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

Mac OS X
The BG2 Fixpack for Mac OS X is distributed as a compressed tarball and includes a WeiDU installer.

First, extract the files from the tarball into your game directory. When properly extracted, your game directory will contain setup-bg2fixpack, setup-bg2fixpack.command, and the folder bg2fixpack. To install, double-click setup-bg2fixpack.command and follow the instructions on screen.

You can run setup-bg2fixpack.command in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

The BG2 Fixpack for Linux is distributed as a compressed tarball and does not include a WeiDU installer.

Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify.

Download the latest version of WeiDU for Linux from WeiDU.org and copy WeiDU and WeInstall to /usr/bin. Following that, open a terminal, cd to your game installation directory, run tolower and answer Y to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lowercased file names. If you're unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet.

To install, run WeInstall bg2fixpack in your game folder. Then run wine BGMain.exe and start playing.

Note for Complete Uninstallation
In addition to the methods above for removing individual components, you can completely uninstall the mod using setup-bg2fixpack --uninstall at the command line to remove all components without wading through prompts. .


The BG2 Fixpack is basically four items: core fixes, a game text update, beta core fixes, and several optional but cool fixes. Optional But Cool is broken down further into individual components.

BG2 Fixpack (Core Fixes)
This component includes all fixes deemed to be core by the Fixpack team. While some bugs are clearly bugs, the team also has a review process for 'gray area' bugs to insure that fixes do not contradict developer intent. The result is a 'core fixes' component which aims to address true bugs only and in a manner consistent with BioWare's original goals. When we encounter something we happen to think is a bug (or just strange behavior) but appears to be intentional, we generally fix those as an Optional But Cool component. Complete documentation is available on the G3 web site. Additionally, the complete Fixpack forums are open, so if you want to see the reasoning behind a bugfix (or tell us we've got it all wrong), please join us on the forums and provide feedback. If you find a bug that is not fixed and is not in our Pending Fixes forum, please report it.

Game Text Update
English Only
This component, based upon the Baldurdash Game Text Update, seeks to address miscellaneous errors in the text. Typos, grammatical errors, item description inconsistencies, etc. are addressed by this component. It should be noted that incorrect text that is actually a bug is addressed by Core Fixes. The Game Text Update can be installed in two ways. The first (and recommended) option will install "GTU Light" (by Wisp), a fairly minimalistic dialogue update which contains only the most relevant typographical corrections. The second option will install "GTU Classic" (from Baldurdash, by Kevin Dorner), an in-depth dialogue revision, parts of which may be considered arbitrary by purists.

Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder Pack (DEPRECATED)
This component has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

BETA Core Fixes
Though the Fixpack has long since left beta, new fixes still need to be added. This component includes fixes intended for the Core Fixes component and tested in a limited fashion, but have not yet been tested 'in the wild' or with other mods. As such, this component is considered to be of a BETA status. As fixes in this component get tested and validated in the wild, they will move into the Core Fixes. These fixes are shown in red on the documentation page.

Optional But Cool: Party Gets XP for Sending Keldorn to Reconcile With Maria
In Keldorn's personal quest, if you go with Keldorn when he reconciles with Maria the party receives XP. However, if you send him alone to reconcile you do not--this component gives you XP for sending him alone to reconcile.

Optional But Cool: Improved Spell Animations
This component alters the animations of several spells, including Maze, by addressing subtle errors in their animation cycles.

Optional But Cool: Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day (DEPRECATED)
This component has been moved to the Tweaks Anthology to facilitate more options.

Optional But Cool: Mixed-Use Dagger Fixes
Daggers that can be used in melee and thrown are an irresolvable bug: when thrown, daggers should get an extra attack per round, but there's no way to apply this bonus without also granting it when he dagger is being used in melee. This component grants the extra attack but at the expense of removing melee abilities.

Optional But Cool: Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes
Basically, it makes the granting of Holy Symbols in the game a bit more logical. Aerie gets the symbol of Baervan, Viconia gets the symbol of Shar, and Anomen gains the symbol of Helm even when lawful good (he used to get Lathander's).

Optional But Cool: Additional Hero Quests in Trademeet Wait Until Hero is Officially Named (DEPRECATED)
This was confirmed by BioWare as an actual bug and has been moved into the core fixes.

Optional But Cool: Giants Receive Penalties When Attacking Halflings, Dwarves, and Gnomes
This component gives giants their P&P penalty when trying to attack undersized (halflings, dwarves, gnomes) foes.

Optional But Cool: Remove Dual-Classing Restriction from Archers and Stalkers
In Throne of Bhaal, archers and stalkers can't dual-class to clerics as normal rangers and beastmasters can; for consistency Core Fixes adds this restriction to SoA-only games as well. This component will remove the restriction.

Optional But Cool: Remove Second Attribute Bonus for Evil Path in Wrath Hell Trial
If the protagonist selects the 'evil' option when speaking to Sarevok in the Hell Trials, the PC gets rewarded twice with attribute bonuses. There are several factors that suggest one of the bonuses is leftover junk in the script, but there's not enough evidence of developer intent to include it in the Core Fixes.

Optional But Cool: Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior
This component alters the AI of summoned demons, causing them to behave less predictably, but at the same time, more realistically (i.e. Baatezu will attack Tanar'ri).

Optional But Cool: Additional Script Fixes
There are several additional scripting errors which can't be fixed by the core fixes. While clearly bugs, what was intended by the developers is more towards speculation and, as such, these fixes have been moved into their own component. Most of the bugs are missing checks in spellcaster scripts for memorized spells (or casting spells). A more detailed account of the changes can be found in the full Optional But Cool documentation.

Optional But Cool: Bard Song Fixes
The manual describes bard's Battlesong as granting "morale and luck improvement for the party." And then goes on to describe a luck bonus for the party as though it were a luck penalty for opponents. And then in-game battlesong grants only immunity to fear (without preventing the additional effects that can accompany fear) with no morale or luck effects at all. Our best educated guess at developer intent adds a +1 luck bonus to battlesong, which improves to +2 at 15th level and improves again to +3 at 20th level. Blade's version of battlesong in this component still does not improve with levels (as the class disadvantage states) and Skald and Jester songs (which already vaguely match their descriptions and work) are untouched.

Optional But Cool: Wizard Slayers Cause Miscast Magic on Ranged Attacks
The original kit description of the Wizard Slayer states as a kit advantage: "For each successful hit on an opponent, 10% cumulative spell failure penalty is applied". However, it was only applying this effect on melee hits. The Core Fixes do not change this and the Game Text Update clarifies the kit description to specify melee-only. This component allows players to extend the ability to both melee and ranged attacks and updates the kit description.

Optional But Cool: Additional Alignment Fixes
As part of the Core Fixes, the Fixpack addresses many creatures who either lack alignment, have conflicting alignments between their creature files, or have an alignment completely at odds with their behavior. These changes underwent a great deal of scrutiny in an organized review, and it was decided that some of them should be moved into an optional component as there was no general consensus for the new alignments of these specific creatures.

Optional But Cool: Change Free Action to Protect Against Stun
BioWare was very inconsistent about whether free action should protect against stun or not. The spell did not protect against it, but most items that grant free action did. However, per David Gaider, free action is not supposed to protect against stun. For players who think this overpowers stun (particularly mind flayer psionics) this component will extend free action to protect against stun.

Optional But Cool: Paws from Shapeshifting Can Not Be Dispelled
Windows-only, requires TobEx
Dispel magic will no longer remove the paws of shapeshifted creatures.

Optional But Cool: Remove Thieving Start Bonuses from Bard and Ranger Skills
All thieving skills use one lookup table to determine their racial bonuses for their abilities. However, the table is actually a combination of racial bonuses and initial thieving abilities. This component seeks to remove the initial thief bonuses from non-thief classes. Specifically, bards will no longer receive a 15% bonus to their pickpocket skills, and rangers will not receive the 7% bonus to stealth.

Contact Information

The Fixpack is the hard work of many authors. For issues, suggestions and general feedback, the Fixpack forums are the best resource. Visit the Gibberlings Three Forums for information on this and any other Gibberlings Three mods on which we may be working.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

The Fixpack would not be possible without the hard work of many, many people. There's no way to try and acknowledge this many people without missing someone, so if you've been left off please let us know so you can be properly acknowledged.

First, thanks to the entire Fixpack Team: Andyr, aVENGER, BigRob, Caedwyr, CamDawg, cirerrek, DavidW, devSin, drake127, Ghreyfain, Grim Squeaker, hlidskialf, icelus, Idobek, igi, Kish, Loriel, Macready, NiGHTMARE, Nythrun, Rastor, SConrad, SimDing0, the bigg, Wisp, and yarpen.

Thanks to our alpha testers as well: afireinside, Aragorn II, Da_venom, Diana, DirtyAlex, discharger12, Drew, Evilyn, Falco, I. Rahn Maedin, Jyzabyl, Kanain, Kazey, Nim, Rubel, Sir-Kill, TinyMage, and Wounded_Lion.

Thanks to modders who had made previous forays into fixpacks, as well as modders who were kind enough to provide bug lists and/or complete fixes: aVENGER, CamDawg, Creepin, Dyara, Extremist, FredSRichardson, Ghreyfain, Idobek, Igenous, japheth, jastey, jcompton, Kevin Dorner, King Diamond, Kish, Littiz, Miloch, plainab, Roana, Sabre, Salk, SimDing0, the bigg, Wes Weimer, Wisp and WizWom.

Finally, we'd like to thank even more folks, who may or may not fit well into the categories above: ababab, Anomaly, AnonymousHero, Ardanis, Ascendancy-Down, Azazello, Baronius, berelinde, Bex, blubid_boy, Blucher, Brett Frazier, cameltoe, Capt Massacre, Chev, clarient, cmorgan, cvieor, Daulmakan, DavidW, Domi, dragonian, erebusant, erik, ecoris, frabjous, G-Mon, Gorilym, Gort, Iroquois, Immortality, Jadefang, jester, John, kix, Kulyok, Luiz, Margrave, Meddle, mossgerila, Naleem, pro5, Qwinn, Rabain, Revy, Riveira, ronin69hof, russoc4, s w raly, s4r3v0k, seanas, shaitan, Sir Alexander, Six of Spades, Smoketest, steve, sturmvogel, temujin, TimesofTrouble, Topaze, truper, tz2z, web2air, Weigo, and ZFR.

In addition, there are a couple of folks we would like to single out for acknowledgement:

  • David Gaider: Officially credited as a member of the 'core design team' for BG2, David's probably better described as the head writer. David was kind enough to answer questions regarding developer intent with respect to several fixes.
  • devSin: An excellent right-hand man, whose intimate knowledge of arcane engine details helped us identify and solve a huge number of bugs.
  • Nythrun: An angel who's come out of nowhere to help with just about everything.
  • DavidW, Wisp & aVENGER: These three stepped in after much of the original team had moved on, and led the project through four additional releases
  • Wes Weimer, the bigg, and Wisp: Such an effort wouldn't even be possible without a tool like WeiDU. In particular, the new patching abilities of the last 20-30 versions have made a huge number of really nifty things possible.
  • Kish and SimDing0: Often the two counterpoints to determining what needed to be fixed and how, their input was invaluable.
  • Kevin Dorner: We tried to recruit Kevin for the project but never got a response. Nonetheless, the bug list (both fixed and pending) from Baldurdash was a huge aid when we developed our own fixes.
  • igi and the IESDP contributors: The IESDP was invaluable for a project of this scope. igi, as the maintainer, and the various IESDP contributors also deserve credit.

Thanks as well to yarpen for the Polish translation, Leonardo Watson for the German translation, Immortality and Clan DLAN (with revisions from Ghildrean) for the Spanish translation, Anomaly for the French translation, web2air for the Korean translation, Andrea C. for the Italian translation, and good0593 for the Chinese translations.

Versions 7-8 of the Fixpack were coded by DavidW, in consultation with devSin and using code and observations by Nythrun, aVENGER, Taimon, Wisp, ScuD, Icendoan and Mike1072. Version 9 was coded by aVENGER, in consultation with devSin, using code and observations by Nythrun, Wisp and Jason Compton. Version 10 is primarily an aVENGER-Wisp-CamDawg project, with the usual assistance from the folks on the Fixpack forums.

Versions 11 and higher owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Enhanced Editions produced by Beamdog. The playtesting and QA teams uncovered scores of bugs still unfixed in the original games, which Fixpack now addresses. Several bugs in Fixpack itself were also identified and fixed.

Tools Used in Creation

Credits and Copyright Information

The modding community for the Infinity Engine has been going strong for more than 10 years now, and is the culmination of thousands of unpaid modding hours by fellow fans of the game. Modders produce their best work and players get the best, well-supported mods when we all work together.

There are two big ways to upset this harmony. One is to claim someone else's work as your own. The second is to host and redistribute a mod without permission from the author(s).

Be kind to your fellow players and modders. Don't do either.

Version History

Version 13 - December 28, 2018

Changelog for previous versions

  • Updated German translation; thanks Leonardo Watson!

Version 12 - October 5, 2018

  • Removed dupe creature fixes (icfung02 gender fix, kit fixes)
  • Rolled back Oil of Speed fix, as the item was working as intended
  • Updated documentation
  • OBC Bard Song Fixes should be skipped for EE games
  • Teos was setting the wrong timer variable to spawn Sergeant Natula
  • Basilisk petrification attacks now force a save vs. paralyzation instead of spell or poison
  • Lesser Resoration now uses a necromancy casting animation

Version 11 Beta 4 - December 21, 2017

  • Fixed a bug that prevented installation
  • Changes to Beta Core Fixes
    • Creepin's paperdoll fixes already fixed axes, and now also fixes maces and flails

Version 11 Beta 3 - December 18, 2017

  • Some minor code revisions aimed at replacing file checks for faster alternatives
  • Changes to Core Fixes
    • Swashbucklers can no longer put multiple points in weapon styles, save dual-wielding
    • Tightened up the fix where Yoshimo disappearing from the Copper Coronet would block the rest of the area script
    • Jansen Spectroscopes were missing their half-orc unusability flag
    • Sol's Searing Orb and the Elven Sleep/Charm fixes had their probabilities corrected to match the other probability fixes in Beta Core Fixes
    • Immunity to poison now provides immunity to Cloudkill
    • Fixpack no longer alters the balcony doors of Saerk's Estate, as they're inaccessible from the exterior
    • The Limited Wish quest will not be a dialogue option with the genie in ToB games
    • Yet more familiar fixes:
      • ToB versions of the psuedo dragon and quasit now have the same class as their SoA counterparts
      • The quasit familiar no longer changes colors between SoA and ToB
      • Ferret, cat, and rabbit familiars were unable to use their spellcasting abilities since they had no spellcasting button
    • Imoen's missing thieving skills have been adjusted slightly
    • Paralytic bolts now have a weight of zero
  • Changes to Beta Core Fixes
    • Pixie Prick was providing an undocumented +6 save bonus to its sleep effect; Beta 2 adjusted the description but Beta 3 removes the save bonus instead
    • Fixpack had previously repaired an Aerie lovetalk that branched depending on whether Quayle was alive, but it was checking for the wrong variable
    • Cyrando and Celvan, both gnomes, were using halfling animations and have been added to the animation fixes
    • The alternate Ring of Wizardry is now ohringwi.itm instead of ring08a.itm for consistency with BGIIEE
    • The new lightning bolt from the Staff of Power could fail to appear due to the target's magic resistance; the bolt will now appear even if the target resists
    • Wand of Cloudkill now documents its save penalty
    • The fix for the 'Tracking Irenicus' journal entry is now more consistent
    • The fix for the infinite Nalia cash exploit was not working
    • Previous versions of Fixpack had restored an Anomen rest banter that was being prevented by a double PartyRested() trigger; however, the script could trigger the wrong banter due to some bad weighting in his banter file
  • New fixes added to the Beta Core Fixes
    • Creepin's paperdoll fix for axes
    • Delver's Plate now documents its save vs. spell bonus
    • Fallen rangers and paladins can no longer cast spells via scripts
    • You could skip the Oasis area in ToB by traveling from Watcher's Keep directly to Amketheran
    • Summoned ettercaps and wyverns will now occasionally use their special abilities
    • Killing Lonk and then immediately running down the stairs could occasionally break the game
    • Delon now has a more appropriate overhead string for attention
    • Jaheira will now initiate dialogue when returning from Meriona since she could get missed
    • Force-talking Draconis before he initiates could sometimes break the encounter
    • All areas in the game have been reviewed for entrance orientation fixes; approximately 60 more entrances have been fixed
    • There were two copies of the Stoneskin scroll available in game, leading to the odd situation where you would have Stoneskin scrolls that could not stack
    • Several minor encounters were not happening due to a collection of errors--'Helpful Man' is now available in the Docks; Priest of Talos in the Promenade, and various boys in the Bridge District should now be available
    • In a similar vein, the bystander at the Promenade with special dialogue will now initiate it after the Irenicus-Cowled Wizard cutscene
    • Imoen can no longer get killed (and hang the game) in the Slayer dream
    • A female elf was using a male soundset
    • When you restore Aerie at the circus, you could interrupt her transformation back to an elf, leaving her stuck as an ogre
    • Minor dialogue restorations
      • One of the soldiers at the de'Arnise Keep and one of the fanatics trying to burn Viconia had unused, unique dialogue files
      • Aran gets an additional line when talking about Bodhi
      • One of Anomen's banters now has one more line
      • Cernd now responds to Jaheira if you send him ahead to the Druid Grove
      • A Nalia-Mazzy banter has a line restored
      • Bodhi has two lines restored if you work for her
      • Viconia's love talk about her husbands now has more detail, as does her love talk about Lolth
      • Daleson has an extra line about Nalia
      • Delcia has one more insult for the player
      • The Spellhold Apparition has a few more lines
      • Haer'Dalis has several lines restored in the conversation prior to Raelis summoning the planar conduit
      • A Viconia interjection could be skipped when Mae'Var is giving you your final task if Jaheira is in the party
      • Olma, the de'Arnise Keep cook, now has dialogue appropriate for the main player and for the rest of the party
      • Mazzy will now have the same exposition if you initially refuse to help her, and then later return
      • Tassa and Pelanna now have more interplay and a few more options
      • Saemon has a better reply if you threaten him after defeating Irenicus at Spellhold
      • Unseeing Eye prophets will better answer your questions
      • Morsa will now offer her opinion on you in her first dialogue, as the other thieves in your stable do
      • Fearghus now has an additional line about the events in the circus
      • The Trademeet militia captain has an extra line for rangers or druids
      • Count Claylan and Debutante Alicia have an additional line in their banter
      • You can now make in-progress reports on the Unseeing Eye quest to your temple questgiver
    • Minor dialogue fixes
      • One reply to a Lathander acolyte went to the wrong response
      • One reply to Bernard went to the wrong response
      • An Edwin-Jaheira banter is a forest-only banter, but could trigger anywhere
      • A Valygar banter presumes that Lavok is dead but didn't check it
      • Threatening one of the beggars went to the wrong response
      • Parting dialogues for Edwin, Keldorn, Nalia, and Yoshimo no longer end on a player reply if you change your mind and welcome them back
      • Various replies to Gereth went to the wrong place
      • The inspector was checking for the wrong item in the Bridge murders--it's an unused branch of dialogue but fixed anyway
      • The farmers affected by the broken dike in the fighter stronghold quests would never give their 'happiest' response due to an error
      • The merchant affected by bandits in the fighter stronghold quests would have the wrong response if you agreed to help under certain branches
      • Telling Nevaziah that you were leaving went to the wrong response
      • Palern Flynn was not always setting his journal entry
      • One of Lord Ophal's dialogue triggers was missing the check for his wife
      • Tassa will no longer interject from offscreen during Pelanna's dialogue
      • Telling Anath she's on her own will no longer have her reply about meeting later
      • King Ixilthetocal will no longer call other members of the party his Chosen
      • You can no longer ask Jerlia about ore if you've already given Sarles ore, real or fake
      • Replying to Sarles and mentioning a commission no longer goes to an unrelated reply about the aristocracy
      • A few replies in Quallo's dialogue went to the wrong place
      • One of Jan's interjections when speaking with Tolgerias only makes sense if Valygar is dead, but he doesn't bother to check
      • Gaelan Bayle now destroys the gold you give him if you have the 20k gold in the initial meeting, as he does in the 15k dialogue paths
    • Bala's Axe can now cast Dispel magic once per day, per its description
    • Items and spells that relied on percentile rolls for effects were almost universally incorrect by 1%. For example, Celestial Fury is supposed to add 20 points of damage on 5% of hits, but was adding damage on 6% of hits; the various Monster Summoning spells were supposed to summon two creatures 40% of the time but it only happened on 39% of castings. This affected approximately 100 items and spells in the game.
    • The Handmaiden's Mace is supposed to add two points of poison damage per round for ten rounds, but was instead doing two points of damage per second for ten seconds
    • The Harp of Discord would still play its expiry sound and some visual effects if the target made its save or resisted the magic
    • Vampiric Wraiths and Demon Wraiths could provide incorrect feedback for level drains (e.g. 'One level drained' when two levels were drained)
    • Oil of Speed now provides improved haste, not regular, per its description
    • Potion of Power now increases Hide in Shadows, not Move Silently, per its description
    • The (old) Sword of Balduran is a bastard sword; its minimum strength and proficiency are now correct
    • Heavy Crossbow of Searing was only doing fire damage on half of its hits instead of all of them
    • Several spells had their casting animations corrected to match their schools
    • Yet more spell school fixes
    • Sounds for various spells were either incorrect or playing on the wrong target
    • Stoneskin, when cast at level 7, was providing too many skins
    • The 'Great Druid' title change will now be slightly less destructive to the record sheets of fighter-druids
    • Grease could cause battle music to loop, as it was flagged hostile
    • Visual effects for the Cacofiend wild surge only played half the time
    • 'Trap' projectiles, such as Glyph of Warding or Skull Trap, are now more sensitive and will go off more consistently as creatures get in range
    • One of Viconia's ToB lovetalks could repeat
    • Working for Bodhi didn't clear all of Gaelan Bayle's journal entries
    • Prophets for the Unseeing Eye were failing to spawn in the Bridge and Promenade districts due to some bad variable scopes
    • The Ruby Pendant is supposed to be able to Charm once per day
    • Frennedan, the doppleganger in the opening dungeon, couldn't actually kill you since he had no actual weapon
    • Paralytic Bolts had incorrect durations and saving throw type on their stun effect
    • Casting Improved Invisibility or Glitterdust via scroll caused redundant projectiles; this is fixed though it was generally harmless
    • The ranger Charm Animal ability now uses its unique icon
  • Optional But Cool changes
    • Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day is now deprecated; it's been moved to Tweaks Anthology to provide more options and to make it available to BGIIEE players
    • The regular bard song in Bard Song Fixes now retains the original range of the unpatched bard song

Version 11 Beta 2 - June 19, 2017

  • Removed duplicate fix for adding a name to Psionic Blast (was in core and beta core, now just core)
  • SoA-only fix to provide Black Blade of Disaster with Grandmastery was patching in the wrong opcode
  • Shield of the Lost string fix
  • Games with TobEx no longer choke on spcl741d.spl
  • One more inventory fix; this one for ar18prie who was dual-wielding... poorly

Version 11 Beta 1 - June 4, 2017

  • General Changes
    • Massive recode. The Fixpack was essentially rewritten from the ground up, with an emphasis on code that is easier to maintain, easier for players to understand and edit, and with an emphasis on forcing common patches into macros and arrays for easier handling.
    • All of the Beta Core fixes (from the never-officially-released v10.01) were moved into the core fixes. BWS has been using this version unofficially for years (I believe they designated it as v11 Alpha 1), so these fixes have seen field testing. Unfortunately, the official documentation of these was never uploaded, so they will be included in the docs writeup.
    • Fixpack is now a lot more flexible for language-specific fixes; e.g. string fixes and sound files fixes can now be language-specific
    • Fixpack no longer uses dummy files for third-party detection. Use MOD_IN_INSTALLED instead.
    • GTU Light/GTU Classic continue to get minor updates and improvements as they get reported.
  • Changes to Core Fixes
    • Haer'Dalis had no pickpocketing skill, which Fixpack corrected (courtesy of an old Baldurdash fix). However, Fixpack also implements a fix to give blades their proper one-half penalty to pickpockets, rendering the previous fix incorrect.
    • Ice Trolls were switched to generic troll soundsets; Fixpack now imports their soundset from Icewind Dale. Similarly, one of Ilyich's scripted sounds is now imported from BG (one sound from Montaron's soundset) instead of removing the script reference to it.
    • The fix for SoA characters having no interjections in Watcher's Keep was redone. The previous code could result in NO VALID LINKS errors, e.g. if you had Aerie speak to Yakman, promise to heal him, and then speak to him again.
    • Load hints were being fixed in such a way as to leave duplicate load hints in the table.
    • Thanks to previous fixes, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere works. As a result, though, it was subject to saves and resistance if it was self-cast. It will now bypass saves and protections when self-cast, and have to penetrate same when cast at enemies.
    • At various points, Fixpack tries to copy-and-patch files which don't need changing and/or are already correct:
      • forcef.bcs, keyscrip.bcs, npc.bcs, and ppshad01-ppchad06.bcs are dropped from the Miscellaneous Script Resource Reference Fixes
      • One monk in Amketheran (ammonk03.cre) was missing her fist, which Fixpack restored. This change is being dropped, as the engine automatically assigns monk fists to creatures on load, so the change was unnecessary.
      • telicesa.cre does not need to be patched as part of the summoned creatures fix
      • Kiel's Helmet (helm14.itm) does not need to be patched under the Item Effects Failing Due to Bad Timing Modes fix
      • Staff of Air (staf15) no longer patched as part of Elven Sleep/Charm Resistance
      • Black and Shadow Dragon Breath (spin691.spl, spin893.spl) removed from Spells Lacking Sounds and Animations as the resources were fine
      • The entire Anti-Magic Ray Not Destroying All Magically Created Weapons is dropped outright, as dispel magic effects already nuke these resources
      • sp313l20.eff no longer created for Holy Smite fixes, as it's not needed
      • Vampire regeneration (vampreg, vamreg2, vampreg3) items were being patched to add 100% poison damage immunity, but they already have it
      • Several scrolls already had 0 power in their casting opcodes, making their patch unnecessary (scrl1o.itm, scrl1u.itm, scrl2f.itm, scrl5i.itm, scrl70.itm, scrl7i.itm, scrl8p.itm, scrl94.itm)
      • In addition, the contagion scroll already had the correct target (scrla8.itm)
    • Ellisime's clone got her combat AI fixed to cast spells, but could now get stuck in a loop of casting Mirror Image
    • The fix to keep Saerk's Estate in the Bridge district inaccessible was not getting all of the doors
    • The scripts fix to clear out the rubble-gawkers in Waukeen's Promenade is now more reliable
    • The better fix to uncharm/dispel Glaicus at the de'Arnise Keep from Beta Core fixes has been mainlined
    • The fix to keep Baron Ployer from killing Jaheira in a cutscene is now simpler and more reliable
    • The fix to prevent multiple copies of unique items from the City of Caverns has been expanded to cover a few more scenarios.
    • The fix to prevent enemy celestials from healing the party has been expanded to cover other beneficial spell casting such as Cure Disease or Remove Fear
    • The Tree of Life has now been flagged as an outdoor area
    • Entering and leaving Coran's cabin now requires the party in both directions
    • Spore Colonies were supposed to be set as gender: neither, but Fixpack was copying one spore colony twice and missing the second creature file
    • As part of creature inventory fixes, Imoen was getting her healing potions restored. Instead of three individual potions, they now come as a single stack of three.
    • Summoned creatures had a handful of items restored to their inventories and then made undroppable; Fixpack now just deletes these items
    • Abazigal's head was protected from pickpocketing in his dragon form; similar protection is added to his human form. In addition, the giant troll's head in Spellhold is no longer pickpocketable
    • Two drow in Sendai's enclave had typos in their inventories fixed, dwbolt01 (drow bolts) for the bad reference bwbolt01. However, since they were in outdoor areas (and hence sunlight) Fixpack now replaces these bad references with Bolts of Lightning instead.
    • The SoA and ToB wish genies were inconsistent and Fixpack simply cloned the ToB genie to replace the buggy SoA genie. However, for SoA-only games where this is not done, the SoA wish genie needed different patches to address some errors.
    • Troll Fixes has expanded to include the troll cook in the de'Arnise Keep, as she lost her name and vocation during her dead/revive cycles.
    • The familiar fixes, specifically to the SoA cat, were removing her movement rate bonus.
    • Fixes were made which really won't affect the player:
      • Several familiars had Blur as a known spell even though it was not one of their castable spells; this is removed. Other familiars which should actually know Blur had its level set incorrectly
      • One of the E3 demo creatures (e32.cre) gets better inventory fixes
      • Three effs being patched as part of a timing cleanup failed due to a bad SOURCE_SIZE check
    • It was confirmed by the devs that Jaheira knowing the class-restricted Zone of Sweet Air and Viconia knowing the alignment-restricted Holy Smite are intentional. Fixpack no longer removes these spells from their spellbooks.
    • The fix for the inconsistent ice mephit coloring missed one area
    • Bone Fiend's attack lacked a magical flag
    • Spectral Brand +5 was being patched to a weapon speed of one to match its description; however in this case the item was correct and its weapon speed is now set to zero
    • Most of the weapon speed and weight fixes found by Ardanis (old link, but fairly accurate) have been confirmed and included
    • A couple of item weights have been corrected from previous versions, notably throwing daggers going back to zero weight and Fortress Shield being 10 lbs
    • More usability fixes, mostly from the discussion over here (note that the changes here are in comparison to Fixpack v10):
      • Drow scimitars are now usable by thieves and mage-thieves
      • Ashen Scales and Shield of the Lost are now available to druids. Description for Ashen Scales is updated, too, but the shield was missed in beta 1.
      • Rings of Wizardry and the Silver Sword are disallowed from monks
      • Ashen Scales, Red Dragon Scale, Blue Dragon Plate forbidden from avengers
      • Three variants of the Flail of Ages +1, drow halberds, drow lance, drow long swords, and the Silver Sword are forbidden from beastmasters
      • White Dragon Scale is usable by stalkers
      • Ankheg Plate, Red Dragon Scale, and Blue Dragon Plate forbidden from archers
      • Amulet of the Seldarine, Amulet of the Master Harper, and Heartwood Ring are forbidden from wizard slayers
      • Storm Ring and Dawn Ring now usable by wizard slayers
    • Shield Amulets (Shield) and Ring of Earth Control (Flesh to Stone) now just cast their underlying spells directly
    • The patches to address bad APR stacking when Melf's Minute Meteors, Boon of Lathander and Offensive Spin combine is now skipped is TobEx is installed, as TobEx fixes this at an engine level
    • Spells from Items now covers the tutorial Wand of the Heavens
    • Arbane's Sword should protect against the spinny head animations used for hold, but these protections were being removed
    • Spell schools could still interfere with the HP gain effects of Larloch's Minor Drain and Vampiric Touch
    • Hardiness via wish or via HLA no longer stack with one another (they already couldn't stack with themselves)
    • Iron Skins is back to its instant casting speed
    • Blindness, Infravision, and Spook were having their ranges corrected to the wrong value--visual range is 30', not 60'
    • The Detect Evil part of Moon Dog Sight now respects MR
    • The spell to paralyze a party member as part of the hell selfish trial should stand up better to dispel magic
    • Maze via psionics now has the same visuals as mage via the arcane spell
    • Spell Shield duration was still incorrect when cast at level 10 or below
    • Bigby's Crushing Hand needed even more fixes, as its sounds were playing at the wrong time
    • Bolt of Glory is now changed to do magic damage to everyone instead of missile, as undead are very resistant to missile damage
    • The fix to the BM2 music file (used as battle music in a handful of areas) was pointing to a music track that didn't exist
    • Changes to the immunity batches:
      • The charm protection as part of the Elven Sleep/Charm immunity could still show the string 'dominated' even if the charm was resisted
      • Similarly, the sleep part of Elven Sleep/Charm immunity provided no resistance to power word: sleep effects, but did block two unrelated animations
      • Free action no longer blocks defensive spin explicitly, as its no longer needed
      • Immunity to level three spells now blocks the Slow spell explicitly
      • Immunity to Kill Target now blocks the 'Undead Destroyed' string
      • Remove Magic Not Dispelling Feeblemind is now a broader dispel magic fix; specifically anything that dispels magic will now properly cure feeblemind and deafness as well as destroy illusionary creatures. Numerous calls to destroy magically created items are removed, as they are not needed
      • The fixes for the shapeshifting spells (both from-human and to-human) are now done as batch patches
      • New batches for remove fear (not fear immunity), full stun, immunity to feeblemind, immunity to psionics,and immunity to individual spell schools have been added.
    • The fix for Peony's dialogue to correctly check Maria's DV was, in turn, breaking a variable check
    • A romance fix for one of Aerie's lovetalk was overriding a fix for dialogues checking the wrong romance variable
    • The dialogue branch created to fix the Captain Arat infinite fire arrow exploit was setting the journal entry to the wrong category
    • Vittorio will now open the door to Delosar's Inn when he goes there
    • The fix to the XP exploit with Ellie the Festhall Cook has been tightened further
    • The XP exploit in Spellhold (bringing the Hand of Dace and Crystal Shard) now also explicitly opens and unlocks the door as a failsafe. While Fixpack had no reports of issues here, the same fix in EE would get an occasional report of flakiness.
    • The kids in Umar Hills Kids Only Take One Bastard Sword missed a few actions
    • The Anomen/Mazzy/Kiser Jhaeri fix is being withdrawn, as it's working as expected.
    • In Anomen's Knighthood not being checked, one of the interjection checks has been changed to exclude LN and CN Anomen (was excluding just CN in v10), as the interjection only makes sense for LG Anomen.
    • Another orientation when entering area fix was not being executed due to some bad code, in this case, the Jansen home from the Slums
    • Spell power fixes have been extended to a few more spells
    • Casting speeds of innate abilities such as rage, kai, and berserk are now instant
    • The NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES issue for Cernd is a little more thorough
    • More planar sphere fixes, as one of the apprentices was checking a bad value
  • The following were fixed in the 10.01 beta core fixes and moved to the v11 Beta 1 core fixes, but were never documented previously.
    • TorGal's hit dice were increased to 16 to better reflect her abilities.
    • During the thief stronghold quests, the map note indicating you've taken over Mae'Var's guild simply covers the old map note. ToB has an action to remove map notes, so now the old map note is removed in ToB games when the new one is added.
    • Using the Mask of King Strohm to detect the invisible guardian is a little more reliable
    • Hannah, the mother trapped in the circus illusion, could be exploited for multiple XP rewards
    • One mind flayer in the Underdark mind flayer lair was supposed to continually respawn to give the player a steady supply of flayers to open doors, but a flaky Die() trigger could prevent respawn
    • One of the generic combat AI scripts for healers could cast bless way, way before combat
    • If the player mashed through the wish genie's dialogue fast enough, they could end up with a NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES
    • Another orientation when entering area fix, this one in Cayia's house in Brynnlaw
    • Several items had equipping effects which could be dispelled
    • Eagle Bow had an extraneous APR bonus
    • Catti-Brie's bow was doing too much damage
    • Robes of the Archmagi now provide a magic resistance icon when worn; Frostbrand provides a fire resistance icon
    • Various items had incorrect ground icons.
    • Ruby Pendant lacked an icon for its ability
    • Rod of Terror used the wrong icon for the quickbar
    • Duration fix for the avenger version of Animal Summoning II
    • Ray of Enfeeblement has the wrong save penalty for its combat feedback
    • The active romance variables are now only set if the PC is a match; these caused problems for scripts and dialogues down the line
    • The player could take control in a dream sequence
    • Gaelan has checks for the wrong amount of gold in a couple of places in his dialogue
    • Several dialogues had missing journal entries; one of these (for JAHEIRAJ) was setting a journal entry in the wrong state in v10
    • One of Jaheira's dialogue should branch depending on whether the PC is a jerk
    • One of Vincenzo's dialogues was cutting out early, missing the last couple of lines
    • If you asked about gold storage in your first dialogue with the de'Arnise majordomo, Lady Delcia would never leave. Also the majordomo wasn't recognizing Nalia in some dialogues.
    • Lavok was missing XP rewards in some of his closing dialogue branches
    • If you didn't grab the tree nuts before heading to the penultimate Irenicus encounter at the Tree of Life, you were trapped and unable to continue
  •  The following are new and in the core fixes:
    • Psionic Blast was assigned a name so that it would show up in the combat log.
    • CD_STATE_NOTVALID has been added as a state.
    • The Small Teeth Pass was also using a leftover BG area script; this is now blanked
    • The fighter2, thief1 and thief2 player AI scripts no longer try to hide in shadows with classes that lack the ability
    • The thief3 and thief4 player AI scripts no longer try to detect traps with classes that lack the ability
    • The player was not their XP reward for re-assembling the illithid rod in Watcher's Keep due to a typo
    • If Delon was spawned later for the ogron attack/Umar events, he could leave prematurely or spam his original offer stringheads
    • Wand of Fire in ar0065 was undercharged
    • Another orientation when entering area fix, the thief guild hall (Mae'Var and PC) third floor entrance from the outside
    • A peasant woman was using the peasant man animation
    • One of the rebels in Saradush gets hi spear moved to an available weapon slot
    • The invisible creature that controlled the Ust Natha tavern combat music is set to neutral to prevent save silliness
    • The Eagle Bow and some arrows were erroneously applying strength bonuses
    • The fix to add feedback and portrait icons to the stun effects of Darts of Stunning has been extended to several other items that stun
    • The Silver Sword now displays combat feedback of 'Vorpal Hit' on vorpal hits
    • The Unholy Reaver (undroppable weapon of a Githyanki anti-paladin) was dispelling magic on its wielder instead of its target and had no visuals due to a typo
    • Spell failure for good mages from Unholy Word didn't work at all
    • The Helmite ghost at Watcher's Keep can fail to set some variables if party members are mazed
    • If you decide to kill the countess in Saradush, your good party members more or less abandon you on the spot. LG Anomen objects if he's a member of the NORH, but not LN, and he's omitted from many of the mass exodus commands in the subsequent dialogues.
  • Optional But Cool Changes
    • Improved Spell Animations now adjusts maze animations for maze via special snare or psionic maze, whereas previously it only did so for the arcane version. Enemy symbol spells now use the same animations as player symbol spells.
    • Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day now has the option to designate a day as 8 or 24 hours.
    • Mixed-Use Dagger Fixes now removes the melee tooltips from tooltip.2da.
    • Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes now directly grant Aerie/Anomen/Viconia the correct holy symbols instead of swapping them after being granted the old, incorrect one
    • Additional Alignment Fixes outsources to separate file for easier player editing, like the main component alignment changes
    • Remove Thieving Start Bonuses from Bard and Ranger Skills no longer adjusts stealth score in joinable ranger creature files (e.g. Minsc), as the engine pulls the correct value from the table upon them joining the party