A Mod for the Orderly
~ Supplying your keyring needs since the time of your installation ~

Version 5

1. Intro
The idea to add some sort of keyring to Faerun was originally Icelus', but the idea never came to fruition... until now.

2. Install
Extract the entire contents of the .rar file into your BG2 directory, making sure the folder structure is maintained. Then in your BG2 directory, find and double-click on setup-cliffkey.exe. Follow the prompts and you're on your way to keydom!

2'. Subcomponents (or which version should I install?)
Following a suggestion from a mysterious and alluring stranger, this mod now offers you a choice of installation:

Component 1: Nanoquest version
This installs a tiny, tiny, tiny little quest that you must complete in order to gain the keyring. The keyring itself comes with a wordy irrelevant description that may or may not be mildly amusing (hey, I wrote it, what else do you expect?).
Component 2:
Consistency Plus version
This installs the suggested version where the keyring is found in a storekeeper's possession, much like the in-game gem bags and scroll cases. ie You buy the keyring rather than complete a quest to get it. The keyring's description is brief and to the point. Stop cheering.

3. Where is this keyring?
Nanoquest: Go to the NE edge of the Slums (near the archway). A cowled figure will come up and talk to you and give you a fairly basic request in exchange for the keyring.
Consistency+: You can buy it from Jahaboam at the Docks, Mira at Waukeen's Promenade or the peddler from Trademeet (once you fix up Trademeet's druid and djinn problems). In ToB you can buy it from Karthis al-Hezzar in the North Forest.

4. The keyring looks like a normal ring! (Nanoquest only)
If you threatened Rineg, you get what you deserve. :)

5. What can I do with this keyring?
You can only put keys in it. You shouldn't need to take out the keys each time you want to unlock a door.

6. Duh.. the bag of holding does the same thing.
I won't tell anybody if you don't.

7. Uninstalling
Find setup-cliffkey.exe, double-click, follow prompts.

8. Where did you find this hideous colour scheme?
Hey, I think it looks lovely. >:(

9. How *you* doin'?
(I just wanted to write that.)

10. For everything else..
Forum for bug reporting, not Noobering

11. Version history
V1. New release
Consistency+ subcomponent added

V3. Packaged in ZIP format for easier downloading, updated to WeiDU v213

V4. Added Spanish translation by Lisandro, changed to README command and updated to WeiDU v217

V5. Added French translation by Sanctifer (of the d'Oghmatiques), updated to WeiDU v231