Garrick's Infatuation for BG

A Gibberlings Three Mod
Author: Domi

Maintainer: berelinde

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Version b0925 - Check for the most recent version


Ah, Garrick... so young, so sincere, so impressionable. But then, what bard would not be drawn to Gorion's heroic ward? Her tale is a legend in the making, and Garrick is there to chronicle her rise to greatness. Of course, he could not help but be swept up in the romance of it all!

"Garrick's Infatuation" allows Gorion's foster daughter to explore a closer acquaintance with her very first biographer through a series of 25 conversations. The flirtation is available to females of any race, class, or alignment and it begins shortly after Garrick is recruited. The mod is intended for the Baldur's Gate segment of the saga and is fully compatible with the BG1 NPC Project, though the latter is not required. At present, the EasyTutu, BG Tutu, or the BGT conversion is required.

The mod is currently available for Windows. Once beta-testing is concluded, Mac OSX and Linux versions will become available.


This mod is designed to work with Baldur's Gate Tutu, EasyTutu, or Baldur's Gate Trilogy, with or without the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. It should be fully compatible with all other WeiDU mods.


Garrick's Infatuation is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively the files can be extracted from the archive using WinRAR. If properly extracted, you should have a garrick_flirt folder and setup-garrick_flirt.exe in your game directory. To install, simply double-click setup-garrick_flirt.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

Please run setup-garrick_flirt.exe to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.


The mod contains 25 banters between Garrick and the PC.

Contact Information

Domi created this mod. Visit the Gibberlings Three forums for information on this and any other Gibberlings Three mod.

berelinde maintains the mod mod. Please direct all technical inquiries there.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This section will be completed once Domi tells berelinde whose names go here.

Tools Used in Creation
Crimson Editor
WeiDU Highlighters by Idobek and cmorgan
IESDP maintained by igi
Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid
DLTCEP by Avenger
WeiDU by Wes Weimer and the Bigg

Credits and Copyright Information

This mod is copyrighted by Domi Sotto 2011-14. Don't repackage or redistribute without the consent of the owner.

Version History

Version b0925 (by CamDawg)

Version b0210 (by berelinde)

Version a0917