uScript (Universal Script for BG2)

Creator Name: Rich Martel
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Last Modified: 2001-09-27

PLEASE: If you modify this script in any useful way, or have any suggestions, please send me an e-mail with the info ( I'm always interested in improving it. Thanks.


[x] Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
[x] Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal


This is a Baldur's Gate II AI script for player characters that can be used with any class. Many useful ideas were borrowed from scripts and discussions in the "Bioware Scripting" group on Yahoo ( Thanks to Tim, Sarkyn, C.Enders, Xyx, Jason & Quitch for help & suggestions.



Place all .bs files into your \SCRIPTS directory. You may want to replace your /SCRIPTS/ file with (when some NPCs join your party, they sometimes automatically use Place all .bcs & .spl files into your \OVERRIDE directory. Then when in the game, click on a character, select it's record, click customize, click scripts, then choose uScript from the bottom of the list. Repeat for each party member.


If you want to compile these files yourself, you need to update the IDS files in your \SCRIPT COMPILER directory with the new versions that gets installed into you \OVERRIDE directory when you install ToB & the latest patches. If you do not do this, all ToB spells & abilities will not be compiled properly, and problems may occur with your script.

Be careful using custom SPELL.IDS files from the internet, I only use Bioware released IDS files. I noticed a non-Bioware version that renamed "DISPEL MAGIC" to "REMOVE MAGIC" (which is really the correct name of the spell, but it's not the name that BioWare uses). I opted to use the spell number for any spells that are missing from the official SPELL.IDS (ToB) file to keep compatability with vanilla installs.

Place the .baf files in your \SCRIPT COMPILER\SOURCE directory. Go to a Command Prompt (DOS), and cd to the \SCRIPT COMPILER directory. Then type "compile uScript". Check for errors in the \SCRIPT COMPILER/ERRORS (0KB = No errors). Repeat process for uNymph, uDjinni, uPlanet, uMoondog & uMislead. Then go to your \SCRIPT COMPILER\COMPILED directory and make the following changes:

  1. Rename to nymph.bcs
  2. Rename to djinni01.bcs
  3. Make a copy of, rename one to plangood.bcs, and the other to devagood.bcs
  4. Rename to moondog.bcs
  5. Make 2 copies of, rename one to simulacr.bcs and the another to projimag.bcs
  6. (optional) Replace your /SCRIPTS/ file with When some NPCs join your party, they sometimes automatically use
  7. Move to the /SCRIPTS directory
  8. Move all .bcs files to /OVERRIDE directory
I'd like to recommend using the following programs if you are interested in scripting:


D [D]isable AI On Toggles AI for the selected characters
S [S]pellcasting On Toggles spellcasting for the selected characters
N [N]o movement On Toggles all auto-movement such as MoveToCombat, RunFromAttacker, RunToHealer, etc.
B [B]uff Off Toggles casting of defensive "buffs" and healing spells that don't require seeing the enemy. If used during combat, it makes buffing a priority.
V Reset [V]ariables N/A Set's all toggles to their default settings (good to use if you forget what their current status is)



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