Descriptions for all spells have been updated. Now, you can be sure that what you read is what you get (well, maybe 95% sure). Descriptions are constructed in the following manner:

  Listed only in divine spells
  Personal - area of effect is centered on the caster
  Touch    - same as the range of one-handed weapons
  Short    - 1/3 the visual range of the caster
  Medium   - 2/3 the visual range of the caster
  Long     - visual range of the caster, the longest that the game allows
  BG2 uses the following units:
  1 round => 6 seconds
  1 turn  = 10 rounds
  1 hour  = 5 turns
<Casting Time>
  1 = fastest
  9 = 1 round = slowest
<Area of Effect>
  Caster     - spell affects the caster only
  1 creature - spell affects any one creature
  X' radius  - spell affects creatures in the given radius
               (50 feet is almost equal to visual range of caster)
  Cone       - spell has a cone-shaped area of effect
<Saving Throw>
  X Half    - making a successful save vs. X reduces damage by half
  X Partial - making a successful save vs. X results in a reduced effect
  X Negates - making a successful save vs. X results in no effect
  None      - there is no saving throw against this spell
  Special   - the spell has multiple saving throws, different targets roll
              different saving throws, etc.

Universal School of Magic

Spells that belong to the universal school can be learned and cast by every specialist mage (in the case of arcane spells), and cannot be blocked by the Spell Immunity spell. Universal spells include Find Familiar, all contingency spells, all sequencer and trigger spells, and Wish spells.