Level: 1
School: Conjuration
Range: Medium
Duration: 1 turn
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 10’ radius
Saving Throw: Breath partial

A Grease spell covers a material surface with a slippery layer of a fatty, greasy nature. Any creature caught in it when the spell is cast must save vs. breath at +2 bonus or fall to the ground for one round. Those who enter the area or remain within it must make a save each round until they reach the nearest non-greased surface. A creature that succeeds on their saving throw can walk within or through the area of grease but will have their movements slowed considerably. Incorporeal and flying creatures are unaffected by this spell, as are exceptionally large creatures who suffer little to no distress from the greasy coating.

For the vanilla version of the spell, see Grease.