Reflected Image

Reflected Image
Level: 1
School: Illusion
Range: Personal
Duration: 4 rounds +1 round/3 levels
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

Upon casting this spell, the wizard creates one illusory image of himself that will travel alongside him. The image performs all of the actions that the wizard does, and seems to react normally to both physical and magical damage (such as appearing to be burned when hit by a fireball) so that if any enemies are trying to attack the wizard they will not know which one is real. There is a 50% chance that an attacker will attack the image and a 50% chance that he will attack the caster. The image is immune to all forms of damage, but will disappear if a dispel magic or a detect illusion spell is cast upon it, or when the spell duration runs out. This spell cannot be cast on anyone who is under the effects of a Mirror Image spell, and multiple castings of this spell will not create additional images.