Otiluke's Resilient Sphere

Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere
Level: 4
School: Alteration
Range: Long
Duration: 1 turn
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: Spell negates

When this spell is cast, the result is a globe of shimmering force that encloses the subject creature if it fails to successfully save vs. breath at a -4 penalty. The resilient sphere will contain its subject for the duration of the spell. The sphere is completely immune to all damage. Actually, the only method of removing the sphere is a successful dispel magic. Hence, the creature caught inside the globe is completely safe from all attacks, but at the same time is completely unable to affect the outside world.

The caster has the option of using the spell to protect her allies. Resistances and saving throws are bypassed when the target is willing.