Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental

Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental
Level: 5
School: Conjuration
Range: Medium
Duration: 1 turn + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 8
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None

Upon casting Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental, the caster opens a special gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and a fire elemental is summoned to the vicinity of the spellcaster. The elemental has 8 Hit Dice and will serve the caster’s every whim until banished back to its home plane, the spell duration expires, or upon the elemental’s death. It is particularly difficult to maintain a gate to the Inner Planes - there is a 15% chance that the portal opened by the caster will collapse before the elemental enters the Prime Material Plane.

Lesser Fire Elemental (8 Hit Dice):
STR 14, DEX 16, CON 16, INT 6, WIS 11, CHA 11; AL Neutral
HP 80, AC 2, THAC0 10, Saving Throws 10/12/11/11/13
2 Attacks Per Round, 2d4+2 Slashing +2d4 Fire Damage (Fist +2)

Special Qualities:
Immune to normal weapons
Immune to hold, poison, polymorph, sleep, & stun effects
Fire Resistance 100%
Slashing, Crushing, Piercing, & Missile Resistance 20%