Fire Elemental Transformation

Fire Elemental Transformation
Level: Quest
School: Alteration
Sphere: Combat, Elemental (Fire)
Range: Personal
Duration: 5 turns
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

Harnessing the power of fire, this powerful shapechange ability allows the druid to become a greater fire elemental of considerable power. The caster gains the natural attacks of the elemental form, as well as all of his natural protections and abilities. The druid’s mental attributes are not affected, but physical attributes are changed to adhere to the new form. All clothes and equipment he was wearing will mold into the new form and continue to function, unseen. When the druid returns to his natural form, they will also return to their previous state.

Greater Fire Elemental
STR 18, DEX 19, CON 18; AC 0, THAC0 3
2 Attacks Per Round, 2d10+5 Slashing +2d8 Fire Damage (Fist +4)
Immune to hold, poison, sleep, & stun effects
Immune to normal weapons
Fire Resistance 100%; Physical Resistance 20%