Divine Power

Divine Power
Level: 4
School: Evocation
Sphere: Combat
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 round/level
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

Through this spell, the caster imbues himself with the strength and skill of a fighter of the same level. The priest’s strength is set to 18/00, even if it is normally higher, his THAC0 becomes that of a fighter of the same level, and he gains 1 temporary hit point for every level he has attained. The caster gains extra attacks as a fighter of the same level, thus an extra half an attack per round at 7th level and another half attack per round at 13th level. This lasts for the duration of the spell or until successfully dispelled. Multiple castings of this spell are not cumulative.

Note: this spell does not give any extra attacks to multiclassed or dual-classed fighter/clerics or ranger/clerics, as they normally gain additional attacks per round due to their fighter or ranger levels.