This file defines the text that appears when magic is dispelled based on its secondary type.
The first column contains identifiers for each secondary type.
The second column contains the strref that is displayed when magic of that type is dispelled.
This file can be expanded with new identifiers up to a maximum of 256 entries (values ranging from 0 to 255).
In BG2EE we have:

2DA V1.0
None 4294967296
SpellProtections 27980
SpecificProtections 27981
IllusionaryProtections 27982
MagicAttack 27983
DivinationAttack 27984
Conjuration 27986
CombatProtections 34558
Contingency 34559
Battleground 34560
OffensiveDamage 34561
Disabling 34562
Combination 34564
Non-combat 34565