Referenced by the BitSet() and BitClear() actions, as well as the BitCheck() trigger.

0x00000001 BIT1
0x00000002 BIT2
0x00000004 BIT3
0x00000008 BIT4
0x00000010 BIT5
0x00000020 BIT6
0x00000040 BIT7
0x00000080 BIT8
0x00000100 BIT9
0x00000200 BIT10
0x00000400 BIT11
0x00000800 BIT12
0x00001000 BIT13
0x00002000 BIT14
0x00004000 BIT15
0x00008000 BIT16
0x00010000 BIT17
0x00020000 BIT18
0x00040000 BIT19
0x00080000 BIT20
0x00100000 BIT21
0x00200000 BIT22
0x00400000 BIT23
0x00800000 BIT24
0x01000000 BIT25
0x02000000 BIT26
0x04000000 BIT27
0x08000000 BIT28
0x10000000 BIT29
0x20000000 BIT30
0x40000000 BIT31
0x80000000 BIT32