A Gibberlings Three Mod
CamDawg and DavidW
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Version Release Candidate 1
Languages: English, French
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
GitHub: Gibberlings3/iwdification


IWDification is a mod to bring some of the elements of Icewind Dale into the Baldur's Gate series of games. A lot of this project is based upon the work of the discontinued IWD-in-BG2 conversion project, which later formed the backbone of IWDEE.

Please report any bugs on the forums so that they can be addressed.


IWDification works on all IE games that use the Baldur's Gate II engine, which includes the original Baldur's Gate II (Shadows of Amn with or without Throne of Bhaal), the two major Baldur's Gate conversion mods (Tutu and BGT), and the Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. Content will be adjusted as appropriate for the detected platform--e.g. no +5 items or ninth level spells will be added to a Tutu or BGEE game.

For non-EE games:

You will see references to "original" or "vanilla" BG2 to differentiate it from the Enhanced Editions. Note that this includes any installation running on the original BG2 engine, notably BGT or Tutu.

TobEx is highly recommended for players using the spell packs on the original games. Without TobEx, spell selection screens during character creation are limited to 24 spells, as are spellbook pages. Since there are more than 24 spells available at some levels you will not be able to see all spells available or be able to select them. Cat's Grace, a second-level arcane spell, relies on functionality provided by TobEx and will be skipped if it's not detected.

The fourth-level divine spell Giant Insect relies on Infinity Animations, as the beetles summoned by the spell do not have animations in the original BG2, and will be skipped without the mod being installed. Polymorph Self and druidic shapeshifting will also have an additional option, Boring Beetle, if IA is installed.

Bug Reporting

If you should encounter any bugs, please report them to the authors at the IWDification forum. In addition, IWDification is available on GitHub, so fixes and changes can be submitted by the community.

Known Issues

Two-handed axes use the same combat and paperdoll animations as halberds.

Contact Other Plane has no dialogue written, and is therefore unavailable at present.

Known Issues (Non-EE Games)

For the Arcane and Divine Spell Packs, not all spells could be converted to the original Baldur's Gate II engine. The Cat's Grace spell (part of the Arcane Spell Pack) requires TobEx for its unique dexterity modifications. Giant Insect (part of the Divine Spell Pack) requires the beetle animation, part of Infinity Animations. Soul Eater, Seven Eyes, Favor of Ilmater, Smashing Wave, Wall of Moonlight, and Spiritual Wrath are not available. All of the compromises made for the Arcane or Divine Spell Packs can be found in the notes on their respective spell listings (arcane, divine).


Special Note for Siege of Dragonspear from Steam/GOG
Good Old Games (GOG) and Steam both package the additional content for Siege of Dragonspear in a method that WeiDU, the tool used to install this mod, cannot access. You must run a program called DLC Merger on your SoD installation before you can install this or any other WeiDU-based mod.

Enhanced Editions Note
The Enhanced Editions are actively supported games. Please note that every patch update will wipe your current mod setup! If in the middle of a modded game you might want to delay the patch update (if possible) as even after reinstalling the mods, you might not be able to continue with your old savegames. Alternatively, copy the whole game's folder into a new one that can be modded and will stay untouched by game patches. It is important that you install the mod to the language version you are playing the game in. Otherwise, the dialogues of the mod will not show but give error messages.

IWDification for Windows is distributed as a self-extracting archive and includes a WeiDU installer. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively, the files can be extracted into your game directory using 7zip or WinRAR. When properly extracted, your game directory will contain setup-iwdification.exe and the folder iwdification. To install, double-click setup-iwdification.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

You can run setup-iwdification.exe in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

Mac OS X
IWDification for Mac OS X is distributed as a compressed tarball and includes a WeiDU installer.

First, extract the files from the tarball into your game directory. When properly extracted, your game directory will contain setup-iwdification, setup-iwdification.command, and the folder iwdification. To install, double-click setup-iwdification.command and follow the instructions on screen.

You can run setup-iwdification.command in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

IWDification for Linux is distributed as a compressed tarball and does not include a WeiDU installer.

Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify.

Download the latest version of WeiDU for Linux from WeiDU.org and copy WeiDU and WeInstall to /usr/bin. Following that, open a terminal, cd to your game installation directory, run tolower and answer Y to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lowercased file names. If you're unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet.

To install, run WeInstall iwdification in your game folder. Then run wine BGMain.exe and start playing.

Note for Complete Uninstallation
In addition to the methods above for removing individual components, you can completely uninstall the mod using setup-iwdification --uninstall at the command line to remove all components without wading through prompts.


IWDification has several components, which can be installed completely independently of one another. The components are broken into three broad categories.

Miscellaneous Changes

Icewind Dale Casting Graphics (Andyr)
Also available in the Tweaks Anthology mod

When your character casts a spell, you get a pretty sequence of colors swirling around their hand depending on the school the spell cast came from. A necromantic spell, for example, looks quite different from creating an illusion. The Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games use different sets of animations for the schools. This component changes the spellcasting animations to those of Icewind Dale. Note that this is purely a cosmetic change--the spells themselves function exactly as before. Screenshots for comparison are available in the Tweaks gallery.

Commoners Use Drab Colors
Also available in the Tweaks Anthology mod

Unlike Icewind Dale, commoners in BG2 wear brightly colored clothes. This tweak changes the random selections of colors for commoners to a drab palette. The dress of noblemen and noblewomen are not affected.

Two Handed Axes

Icewind Dale also featured two-handed axes, as opposed to the strictly one-handed variety found in the Baldur's Gate series. This component scatters normal and magical two-handed axes throughout the game to make them available for players. Two-handed axes use the axe proficiency and have base stats of 9 speed and 1d10 damage. Spoilers about their precise locations are available on the forums.

Expanded Polymorph Self Options

This component adds three new forms to the arcane Polymorph Self spell: winter wolf, polar bear, and boring beetle (the boring beetle requires Infinity Animations on original BG2).

Spell Packs

Arcane Spell Pack

This component adds more than 30 arcane spells from Icewind Dale. This component does not alter existing BG2 spells to match their IWD counterparts, except as noted below. Complete descriptions are available on the project pages as well as in-depth technical information.

  • Updated: Emotion, Hopelessness is updated to its IWD counterpart to match the other three new spells in the Emotion series. The fifth level elemental conjuring series is updated to its IWD counterpart to facilitate the addition of the water elemental spell. IWD has its own version of Mordenkainen's Sword which is brought into the game as Mordenkainen's Force Blade.
  • Level 1: Expeditious Retreat
  • Level 2: Cat's Grace2, Decastave, Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
  • Level 3: Icelance, Lance of Disruption
  • Level 4: Beltyn's Burning Blood; Emotion, Courage; Emotion, Fear; Emotion, Hope; Mordenkainen's Force Missiles; Shadow Monsters; Shout; Vitriolic Sphere
  • Level 5: Conjure Lesser Water Elemental, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Shroud of Flame, Summon Shadow
  • Level 6: Antimagic Shell, Conjure Water Elemental, Darts of Bone, Lich Touch, Monster Summoning IV, Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Shades, Soul Eater1, Trollish Fortitude
  • Level 7: Acid Storm, Malavon's Rage, Monster Summoning V, Mordenkainen's Force Blade, Seven Eyes1, Suffocate
  • Level 8: Great Shout, Iron Body, Mind Blank, Monster Summoning VI
  • Level 9: Monster Summoning VII

1 Only available for EE games
2 Only available for EE games OR vanilla games with TobEx installed

Divine Spell Pack

This component adds more than 40 divine spells from Icewind Dale and does not alter existing BG2 spells to match their IWD counterparts. Divine spellcasters will receive these spells, as appropriate, in their spellbooks as they level up. Joinable NPCs also receive updates to their spellbooks to account for the new spells. Complete descriptions are available on the project pages as well as in-depth technical information.

  • Level 1: Cause Light Wounds, Curse, Sunscorch
  • Level 2: Alicorn Lance, Beast Claw, Cause Moderate Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Level 3: Cause Disease, Cause Medium Wounds, Circle of Bones, Cloudburst, Exaltation, Favor of Ilmater1, Mold Touch, Moonblade, Prayer, Spike Growth, Storm Shell
  • Level 4: Blood Rage, Cloud of Pestilence, Giant Insect2, Produce Fire, Recitation, Smashing Wave1, Star Metal Cudgel, Static Charge, Thorn Spray, Unfailing Endurance, Wall of Moonlight1
  • Level 5: Animal Rage, Mass Cause Light Wounds, Righteous Wrath of the Faithful, Shield of Lathander, Spike Stones, Undead Ward
  • Level 6: Entropy Shield, Spiritual Wrath1, Whirlwind
  • Level 7: Destruction; Energy Drain; Greater Shield of Lathander; Impervious Sanctity of Mind; Mist of Eldath; Stalker; Symbol, Hopelessness; Symbol, Pain; Wither

1 Only available for EE games
2 Only available for vanilla games with Infinity Animations installed

Expanded Portrait Icons
Non-EE Games Only

On the Enhanced Editions, all of the Icewind Dale portrait icons for the spells in the Arcane and Divine Spell Packs and the songs from IWD Class Updates: Bard are added. Unlike the Enhanced Editions, portrait icons in the original BG2 are limited to a fixed number of slots and, as such, many of the imported spells and bard songs do not get their unique portrait icons. These are made available as a separate component because there's no easy way to patch these into the game and this component will destructively overwrite changes made by other mods to expand the portrait icon system.

IWD Class Updates

IWD Class Updates: Bard (formerly known as Bard Song)

Bards in Icewind Dale gained different bard songs as they leveled:

  • The Ballad of Three Heroes — Available at level one, this provides all allies with +1 to hit, +1 damage, and +1 to saving throws.
  • The Tale of Curran Strongheart — Available at level three, this song protects the party from fear and removes any current fear effects.
  • Tymora's Melody — Available at level five, the party gains +1 luck, +3 to all saves, and +10 to lore and thieving skills.
  • The Song of Kaudies — Available at level seven, this provides a 50% resistance to sound-based attacks and spells such as power words, sirine charm, silence, and others.
  • The Siren's Yearning — Available at level nine, this song enthralls your foes, preventing action for five rounds on a failed save vs. spell.
  • War Chant of the Sith — Available at level 11, this provides +2 AC, regeneration of two HP/round, and 10% resistance to all crushing, missile, piercing, and slashing damage.

As the songs become available to the bard, the ability to freely switch between them is available. This component only affects trueclass bards, as the available kits use variants of BG2 bard song for kit advantages and/or disadvantages. Bards with these new songs will not be able to pick Enhanced Bard Song as a high-level ability.

IWD Class Updates: Druid

There are two options which can be installed separately or together. The first, Allow Elves to be Druids, does exactly that: it opens the druid class and fighter-druid multi-class to elves, but is only available on EE games..

The second, Use IWD Shapeshifting and Ability Progression, makes several changes to the druid class. Trueclass druids swap their BG2 shapeshifting (wolf, black bear, brown bear) for the IWD progression: winter wolf (level 5), boring beetle (level 7, but kept as black bear for vanilla games without Infinity Animations), polar bear (level 9), fire elemental (level 11), earth elemental (level 13), and water elemental (level 15). Immunity from poison is moved from level 15 to level 9, and instead of the BG2 elemental resists at levels 18/21/24, the druid becomes immune to fatigue at level 15.

IWD Class Updates: Paladin

The paladin's Detect Evil ability becomes an at-will ability, and Protection From Evil only protects the paladin but lasts 24 hours. Paladins can cast Cure Disease (per the cleric spell) once per day and Smite Evil once per day (does 1d6 plus 1d6 per thee levels of magic damage to an evil opponent). Paladins are now immune to disease and become immune to fear at level three. They also receive an expanded spellcasting table, being able to start casting spells at level 6 instead of 9.

IWD Class Updates: Thief
Enhanced Edition Only

At level seven, thieves earn the Evasion perk. When a thief is hit by a spell that can be evaded (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, etc.), the thief is allowed a Save vs. Breath to completely avoid the effects. If the Saving Throw is failed, the spell works normally, including a save for half damage if the spell allows for it. A helpless thief (e.g. held, stunned, or asleep) cannot use Evasion.

Contact Information

IWDification is the hard work of CamDawg and DavidW. For issues, suggestions and general feedback, the IWDification forums are the best resource. Visit the Gibberlings Three Forums for information on this and any other Gibberlings Three mods on which we may be working.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

CamDawg created this mod, based primarily on the hard work of DavidW on IWD-in-BG2, and furthered by the Beamdog team for IWDEE. You can find out more about IWDification by visiting the mod forum or the project page.

Since this mod, and in particular the spell packs, draw heavily upon the work in IWD-in-BG2, the same thanks and acknowledgments apply. In particular thanks to Nythrun, who helped immensely with the conversion of the spells. Thanks to Andyr for the development of the IWD casting graphics, lifted entirely from the Tweaks Anthology.

I'd also like to thank TotoR, who identified several issues and provided working versions of Shout, Great Shout, and Mordenkainen's Force Missiles. Thanks to Luke who identified several issues with the IWDEE 2.6 spells, and thanks to Galactygon for same as well as advice on getting the new IWD spells to blend in more with their BG2 counterparts. Thanks to subtledoctor for providing the code for getting the spells to work with SR's spell deflection.

Tools Used in Creation

Credits and Copyright Information

The modding community for the Infinity Engine has been going strong for more than 10 years now, and is the culmination of thousands of unpaid modding hours by fellow fans of the game. Modders produce their best work and players get the best, well-supported mods when we all work together.

There are two big ways to upset this harmony. One is to claim someone else's work as your own. The second is to host and redistribute a mod without permission from the author(s).

Be kind to your fellow players and modders. Don't do either.

Version History

Version Release Candidate 1 - July 25, 2021

  • A major overhaul of the way the Arcane and Divine Spell Packs and bard songs for IWD Class Updates: Bard are handled. Specifically, these are now pulled from the newly updated IWDEE 2.6 release and worked from there. In the future, it should be easier to pull these resources from future IWDEE patches.
  • While spells were sourced from the new 2.6 IWDEE patch, additional issues were addressed for the mod (and submitted to Beamdog and/or BG2 Fixpack, as appropriate):
    • You could indefinitely delay the fatigue effects of Blood Rage by re-casting it
    • Cloudburst now removes Fireshield and will protect from Aura of Flaming Death for its duration
    • Wall of Moonlight could potentially interact with spell protections, unlike other area-of-effect spells
    • Static Charge could be dispelled, but the portrait icon would persist
    • Animal Rage could potentially have multiple checks with spell protections, instead of just the one check when it's cast
    • Mold Touch could potentially leave its target in state 'Diseased' permanently, instead of just during the spell's duration
    • Mass Cause Light Wounds was available to druids (and rangers and shamans) despite none of the other Cause X Wounds spells being available
    • Beltyn's Burning Blood was bypassing magic resistance checks in nearly all situations
    • Emotion, Fear would always remove the effects of Emotion, Courage even when the target resisted via save or magic resistance
    • On a failed save, targets of Great Shout would receive duplicate combat feedback and other effects
    • Lich Touch now uses paralyze, not hold, as its on-hit effect, bringing it inline with other undead attacks
    • Darts of all types set the user's APR to 3, however, the APR boost on Darts of Bone had a save and could fail as a result
    • One of the generic BG2 priest AI scripts (EE and original) could get stuck in a loop when it tried to cast Confusion
    • Cause Disease is an abjuration, but its description still listed it as necromancy
  • Fixed many graphical issues with the spells, namely, that they were too transparent on vanilla BG2 or had black fogs around the new graphics.
  • Renamed the Bard Song component as IWD Class Updates: Bard, as it's now part of a broader series
  • Added new components to bring in IWD class abilities under the names IWD Class Updates: Druid, IWD Class Updates: Paladin, and IWD Class Updates: Thief. A ranger update is similarly planned, but requires a bit of community help for the tracking component.
  • The changes made to the arcane spell Polymorph Self were broken into their own component, Expanded Polymorph Self, instead of being rolled into the Arcane Spell Pack
  • Added Additional Portrait Icons as a separate component for vanilla BG2, since it has the potential to not play nicely with other mods
  • Shout, Great Shout, and Mordenkainen's Force Missiles have been made available in vanilla BG2 as part of the Arcane Spell Pack. IWD's version of Mordenkainern's Sword is added as Mordenkainen's Force Blade instead of replacing the existing BG2 version.
  • Mold Touch is now available available in vanilla BG2 as part of the Divine Spell Pack
  • Spell Revisions has a component where Spell Deflection can now protect against area-of-effect spells, and IWDification now takes this into account when installing new spells.
  • Blood Rage was not really working on vanilla BG2; in an attempt to keep it ally-only it ended up working on pretty much no one instead.
  • Lich Touch now has its saving throws sorted for vanilla BG2
  • Resolved a potential conflict with SCS (and other spell mods) by correcting the internal names of Symbol, Pain and Symbol, Hopelessness
  • Cure Moderate Wounds is now added correctly to temples which offer healing
  • Decastave will crash oBG2 if cast when an offhand weapon or shield is equipped. As such, it's changed to be a one-handed staff weapon, like the staff-mace.

Version Beta 6 - May 22, 2020

  • Corrected a logic error which allocated the wrong animations, and prevented Giant Insect from installing, if you installed the Arcane and Divine spellpacks without quitting the installer between them

Version Beta 5 - January 10, 2018

  • Polymorph Self always listed boring beetle as an available form, even when it wasn't
  • Bard Songs were updated to their IWDEE counterparts, and several bugs cleaned up
  • New arcane spell scrolls are now available in the Black Pits, Black Pits II, and Siege of Dragonspear areas, as appropriate (thanks AstroBryGuy)
  • Cleaned up the tra files, and wrote a tool to assist translators
  • An internal 'Testing' component was erroneously included in Beta 4 and has been removed

Version Beta 4 - January 8, 2018

  • Completely rebuilt the spell components upon the work of IWDEE. As such, all spells work for the EE engine and were backported (again) to the vanilla engine, with a lot of bugfixes along the way. Several spells which were heretofore unavailable--such as Seven Eyes or Wall of Moonlight--now work for the EE engine.
  • Two-handed axes now use halberds for their description images
  • The icon for Battle Standard's ability is now properly transparent
  • Updated the code for Commoners Use Drab Colors to the more robust version from Tweaks Anthology

Version Beta 3 - August 28, 2013

  • Cure Moderate Wounds had an incorrect icon reference, which could cause crashes when you tried to memorize the spell

Version Beta 2 - August 18, 2013

  • Made a first pass at having the new spell icons blend in
  • Added lore and prices to Two-Handed Axes
  • Cat's Grace wasn't being added to any stores
  • Added Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Shambling mounds summoned by Stalker no longer drop their paws
  • Entropy Shield wasn't blocking Icelance
  • Emotion: Hopelessness scroll now has icon
  • Blood Rage had an extraneous effect that would kill the target
  • Alicorn Lance now uses a nicer glow on the target
  • Static Charge's initial charge worked, but not its followup damage

Version Beta 1 - July 18, 2013

  • Initial release. Let's see what breaks.